The NEAX2400 SDS/SDS-VS offer many sophisticated, efficient service features that are unique among small-to medium-range PABX Systems.

Economy and Efficiency

The NEAX2400 SDS/SDS-VS offer many features that reduce operating costs and expand business applications through greater operating efficiency.

Ready for ISDN

The NEAX2400 SDS/SDS-VS have been designed with the coming era of ISDN in mind. It is ready to give you access to new ISDN services as they come into begin.

More values of NEAX2400 SDS/SDS-VS

  • A Better Circuit Card Design
  • Hybrid System
  • Flexible Expandability
  • Open Application Interface(OAI)
  • ID Card Application
  • Economical Attendant System
  • Voice Message System (VMS)
  • Hotel Application
  • Uniform Call Distribution(UCD)
  • Automatic Call Distribution(ACD)
  • Digital Network
  • Call Information System(CIS)


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