NEAX 7400 Model 100MX

NEC NEAX74001CS M100 is a digital program-controlled switching system for the 21st century, advanced level of contemporary communication systems. Using industry-standard 32-bit microprocessors Manager, rapid FLASH ROM technology, 8M memory boards and other high-quality components or modules can be. Large-scale use of LSI and VLSI. First into the systems management software and alarm system, improve self-diagnostic features, remote maintenance functions, the rich interface and network functions to lay a comprehensive business data systems.

คุณลักษณะของตู้สาขา NEAX 7400 model 100MX

Minimum investment, maximum return.

  • High reliability.
  • A high degree of integration, low power consumption and space saving.
  • Intelligent Digital Multifunction Terminal System.
  • Simple to maintain.
  • Flexible numbering scheme.
  • Directly into the system (DID).



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